Leyton Orient Girls Centre (No Longer Operative)


Lois Fidler

Founder of Leyton Orient Girls Centre Of Excellence







Michael Morris Head of Leyton Orient Girls Centre Of Excellence 2004 until 2010

Hello everybody,

The Leyton Orient Girls Centre of Excellence expired on the 23rd August 2010 

As a lasting tribute to the players that have passed through the Centre It has been approved that we keep the Website alive. I have over a 1000 pictures that have not all been seen and I will try and get them all on the site.

This can be a memento for the players to look back on as they grow older, they can laugh and tell stories about their time at the Leyton Orient Girls Centre of Excellence.

I will try and get an individual action shot of everybody that played for the centre on the website 

The website will also make it easier for me to process the vast number of enquires I get relating to players that have moved onto American Universities. The players in this position can use the site as visual proof that they were at the Centre and can contact me through the Guestbook for further confirmation.

It will take me about a year to complete and put all the pictures on but I will get there eventually, I also have videos that I will attempt to put on as well.

At time of writing I have been in contact with or had contact from ex players, Dan Dan, Amy Coops, Danica Revs, Ruby Snows and Jessica P within the last couple of months.

It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without good support. I would like to thank Lois Fidler who went on to bigger and better things and handed the job over to me (lock stock and barrel).

Special thanks go out to my right arm Lisa Bravati and my left arms Sarah Dodsworth, Sue Neal and Lorna Okoloekwe (physiotherapist). I had fantastic support from Gary Karza who mentored me on running the centre to another level. I would like to thank Grant Cornwall for being you. Last but not least a big thank you goes to out to Tracey Kevins who took me and the Centre to another level. 

Kind regards

Michael (Mike) Morris

Head of Girls Centre of Excellence 2004 until 23rd August 2010.

Back from the ashes Sunday 10th February 2013


Any general messages- write into the Guestbook- Its free and ready to use!! 





Leyton Orient Girls Centre (No Longer Operative)

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